Curriculum Vitae


Master of Science in Library and Information Science
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 
Research interests: social information-seeking behavior, history of classification

Master of Arts in Evolutionary Biology
Rice University, Houston, TX
Thesis: “Genotypic diversity and population structure in Dictyostelium discoideum
Departmental faculty advisors: Joan Strassmann and David Queller
External faculty advisor: Hannah Landecker

Bachelor of Arts – Double major in Physics, Art & Art History
Rice University, Houston, TX


Physical Sciences Librarian (Associate Curator), January 2007– present
New York University Libraries, New York, NY

Reference: Provide multidisciplinary reference services (in­-person, email, IM, SMS) to the NYU academic community. Serve as research consultant to faculty and students in chemistry, physics, mathematics, and geology (synthesizing results of in­-depth searches of literature and properties/patent databases; locating GIS and other data related to the physical and environmental sciences; providing guidance on workflow/collaboration tools, copyright, and data management planning). As member and current co-­chair of Virtual Reference Services Subcommittee: train and supervise virtual reference adjuncts; investigate, implement and evaluate new reference services and interfaces; serve as QuestionPoint admin and administrator of LibraryH3lp accounts, queues, and widgets.

Collections: Develop and maintain monograph and serial collections related to physics, chemistry, technology, geology, and mathematics, based on quantitative analysis of collections/citations, student/faculty recommendations, and research activities at NYU. Evaluate and subscribe to new subject-specific databases and interfaces to electronic resources. Evaluate collections in support of research related to engineering and the history and social studies of science and technology.

Instruction: Provide library instruction as requested by teaching faculty in NYU’s Physics and Chemistry Departments, as well as the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). Develop and teach specialized information literacy classes on databases and tools to support advanced research in chemistry and physics, as well as historical and social studies of science and technology. Create and update online subject guides for chemistry, physics, physical sciences data, and history of science, as well as a specialized research guides for individual labs and classes. As member of the Graduate Student Community Working Group: provide instruction sessions geared toward graduate students on the use of bibliographic management software (RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero), research metrics, and advanced features in Google, Google Books, and Google Scholar. As member of the Data Management Planning Working Group: provide data management instruction to new grant recipients in fulfillment of Responsible Conduct of Research training offered by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs; develop and maintain online guide to data management planning and customize institutional instance of DMPTool.

Outreach: Organize events to encourage discussion among the NYU community as well as the greater New York City area about the changing nature of scholarly communications in the sciences (OpenSciNY, Open Access Week, STELLA).

Assistant Professor (Adjunct), September 2015 – present
UW–Madison, iSchool, Madison, WI
Teaches LIS635: Reference and Information Service (online) and LIS722: College & University Libraries (online).

Assistant Professor (Adjunct), January 2014–December 2017
Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science, New York, NY
Developed and taught course on data librarianship, integrating in-class discussion of readings with hands-on, exploratory labs related to discovery/reference, instruction, collections, and curation of data.

Instructor (Non-teaching Adjunct), September 2013–May 2015
CUNY Grad School Library, New York, NY
Developed and taught workshops on finding, analyzing, and visualizing data, using ArcGIS, SPSS, and various web applications.

Reference Associate, September 2004 – January 2007
New York University Libraries, New York, NY
Provided in-person and virtual reference services (email & IM) to the NYU academic community. Taught information literacy classes for research in music education, literature, and sciences. Maintained reference collection for basic and health sciences. Updated bibliography for Evolution, Complexity, Information Theory & Entropy research guide. Supervised student worker in receiving/binding/discarding of print journal collection for general and health sciences. Created and maintained Coles Science Center blog. Created Coles Science Salon series and planned/marketed first Salon events.

Research Assistant, July 2001 – September 2003
Rice University, Houston, TX
Designed and conducted laboratory and field experiments related to the ecology and evolution of cellular slime molds. Performed in-depth literature review and statistical analysis of genotypic and geographic data. Synthesized results of original research for composition and defense of master’s thesis.


Archivist, January 2010 – January 2014
UbuWeb, New York, NY
Evaluated, and developed site taxonomy for, large digital collection of unique avant-garde materials (including primary and secondary texts, as well as sound and moving images). Created workflow for long-term management and preservation of HTML and media files. Pursued new digital preservation options as needed.

Station Manager, May 1999 – May 2000
KTRU 91.7fm, Houston, TX
Oversaw day-to-day programming and operations of a student and community radio station with a broadcast radius of 80 miles. Supervised undergraduate and graduate student DJ’s and their committees. Served as liaison to University President, administrators, and public. Composed and distributed budget of $18,000. Curated, organized, and publicized small concerts.


Special Libraries Association (SLA)
Academic, Chemistry, and Sci-Tech Divisions, September 2007 – present
—- Secretary for Sci-Tech Division (elected), January 2011–January 2014
—- Webmaster for Sci-Tech Division, January 2009–present
—- Mentor for Academic Division, August 2012–present

Volunteer Experience Task Force, January 2015 – present

First Five Years Advisory Council, March 2012– January 2015
—- Chair, January 2014–January 2015

WordPress “Super Administrator”, February 2010–February 2012

American Library Association (ALA)
Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), September 2007 – present
—- Member of Science and Technology Section, September 2007 – present
—- Legislative Advocate, April 2009 – April 2011

Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), September 2007 – September 2009
—- Member of MARS Emerging Technologies in Reference Section, September 2007 – September 2009
—- Member of Virtual Reference Committee, September 2007 – September 2009

Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO)
Reference Special Interest Group, Co-convenor, September 2011–present
LibGuides Advisory Committee, May 2010 – May 2012


Edited Volumes
Climate Change and Pacific Islands: Indicators and Impacts. Report for the 2012 Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment (2012). With V.W. Keener, J. J. Marra, M.L. Finucane, and D. Spooner. Washington, DC: Island Press. 26 citations

The Where, the Why, and the How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science (2012). With M. Lamothe, J. Rothman, and J. Volvovski. New York, NY: Chronicle Books.

Peer-reviewed Publications
“Understanding Academic Patrons’ Data Needs through Virtual Reference Transcripts: Preliminary Findings from New York University Libraries” (2017). With S. Guss and J. Conte. IASSIST Quarterly. doi:10.29173/iq624 

“Amino Acid Repeats Cause Extraordinary Coding Sequence Variation in the Social Amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum” (2012). With C. Scala, X. Tian, N.J. Mehdiabadi, et al. PLOS ONE 7(9), e46150. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0046150 1814 views, 5 citations

“BobstRef: Blogging the Knowledge Base in an Academic Library” (2008). NMRT Footnotes: Scholarship and Research for New Librarians, 37(4) 6–7.

Book/Report Chapters
“The Cognitive Apprenticeship: An Approach to Teaching and Learning Virtual Reference“ (2017). In L. Ellis and N. Sosulski, Teaching Reference Today: New Directions and Approaches. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

“Pacific Islands Region Overview” (2012). With V.W. Keener, J. J. Marra, M.L. Finucane, and D. Spooner. In Climate Change and Pacific Islands: Indicators and Impacts. Report for the 2012 Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment. Washington, DC: Island Press. 3 citations

Web-based Publications
Various (2014-2016). JSTOR Daily.

“Punctuated Browse: The found poetry of the OPAC” (2012). Snakeskin Poetry Webzine, 184.

“Archiving Ubu” (2010). Documentation of UbuWeb archives/preservation efforts. Available at 7652 views

Other Publications
“Forum: Radical Teacher as an Online and Open Access Journal” (2012). Radical Teacher, 94, 11–12. doi:10.5406/radicalteacher.94.0003

“Why don’t animals’ muscles atrophy during hibernation?” (2012). In M. Lamothe, J. Rothman, and J. Volvovski, The Where, the Why, and the How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science (pp. 122-3). New York, NY: Chronicle Books.

“Why do some plants eat animals?” (2012). In M. Lamothe, J. Rothman, and J. Volvovski, The Where, the Why, and the How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science (pp. 112-3). New York, NY: Chronicle Books.

“What defined dinosaur diet?” (2012). In M. Lamothe, J. Rothman, and J. Volvovski, The Where, the Why, and the How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science (pp. 112-3). New York, NY: Chronicle Books.

“Bridging the Gender Citation Gap” (April 2019). Workshop presented by Women at Tandon Committee, Brooklyn, NY.

“Understanding Academic Users’ Data Needs through Virtual Reference Transcripts” (June 2015). With S. Guss (University of Richmond) and J. Conte (NYU). IASSIST Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN [competitive submission].

“Revolutionize Your Data!: Tools for Visualization” (June 2015). With M. Roseberry (Virginia Commonwealth University), S. Bruss (NIST), and T. Malanowski (NIST). SLA Annual Conference, Boston, MA [invited].

“It’s Not Easy Being Green: A Real World LIS Discussion for Students and New Professionals” (June 2015). With K. Dority (Dority & Associates) and B. Maser (PPC). SLA Annual Conference, Boston, MA [invited].

“Online Research Management Tools: Is This the Next Battlefield of the War Against Library Disintermediation” (November 2013). With E. Van Gordon (ProQuest). Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC [invited].

“Open Access Publishing in Science: Simple Idea, Complex Reality” (October 2011). With J. Cirasella (Brooklyn College, CUNY). Open Science Summit, Mountain View, CA [invited].

“When the Signal is the Noise: Social Media and Scholarly Communication” (February 2011). Google/Mendeley event for Science and Technology Hub, Social Media Week, New York, NY [invited]. Slides available at 904 views

“Implementing New Technologies for Reference Services,” (November 2010). With A. Pearce (NYU). New York Library Association Annual Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY [competitive submission]. Slides available at 1027 views

“Beyond Facebook: Blogging, Tagging, Tweeting, and More” (October 2010–2014). Annual presentation for NYU Alumni Day. Bobst Library, New York, NY.

“Archiving Ubu” (May 2010). International Symposium: Media Libraries and Archives for the 21st Century. LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial: Gijón, Asturias, Spain [invited]. Slides available at 775 views

“Social Networking for Academic Libraries” (March 2010). Web 2.0, Social Networking, & Libraries Conference, Harriman Institute at Columbia University Libraries and ILIAC (The International Library Information and Analytic Center). Columbia University, New York, NY.

“Social Reference: Harnessing the Hivemind” (October 2009). Internet Librarian, Monterey, CA [competitive submission]. Slides available at  890 views


“Intro to Data for Librarians” (July 2015). Webinar for Metropolitan New York Library Council, New York, NY [invited].

“Zotero: Train the Trainers” (March 2015). Workshop led with A. Ballmer (FIT) and S. Smith (CUNY Grad Center) at Metropolitan New York Library Council, New York, NY [invited].

“Data 101 for Librarians” (November 2014). Workshop at Metropolitan New York Library Council, New York, NY [invited].

“Altmetrics: New Measures of Scholarly Impact” (May 2015). Roundtable session with M. Bladek (John Jay College) at LACUNY Scholarly Communications Roundtable, New York, NY [invited].

“Beyond the Tally Sheet: New and Alternative Ways of Assessing Reference Services” (April 2013). Roundtable session at ACRL 16th National Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

STELLA Unconference (November 2012). Unconference-style event for NYC-area science and technology librarians. Co-organized with J. Kraus (University of Denver) and J. Cirasella (Brooklyn College, CUNY) at Brooklyn College Library (CUNY), Brooklyn, NY.

“Reference Services: Planning, Marketing and Assessing New Technologies” (July 2010). Workshop led with A. Pearce (NYU) for the Metropolitan New York Library Council, New York, NY.

OpenSciNY (May 2010). Conference on the impact of publicly accessible scientific tools & resources, open access publishing in the sciences, and open data/notebook efforts for science faculty, students, and librarians in the NYC-area. Co-organized with J. Cirasella (Brooklyn College, CUNY) and A. Bielskas (Columbia University) at Bobst Library (NYU), New York, NY.


Goddard Junior Tenure-Track Fellowship August 2014
NYU Libraries

Goddard Junior Tenure-Track Fellowship January 2012
NYU Libraries

Helen Benning Regnier Scholarship May 2007 – May 2010
Syracuse University iSchool

Legislative Advocate Travel Grant May 2009
Association of College and Research Libraries

Marion E. Sparks Award for Professional Development June 2008
SLA Chemistry Division

UC Regents Scholarship September 2003 – May 2004
University of California at San Diego

Claire Booth Luce Scholarship September 2001– May 2003
The Luce Foundation


Databases: Expert-level proficiency in use of library catalogs and indexes/databases for a variety of subjects and content types (via EBSCO, Wilson, ProQuest, ISI, and other platforms) as well as deep web searching for grey literature and data. Extensive experience with science-specific indexes/databases including SciFinder Scholar, Beilstein/Gmelin (via Reaxys), arXiv, Web of Science, Medline (via PubMed and OVID), General Science Abstracts (via Wilson), PsycInfo (via APA and OVID).

Software & Web: Expert-level proficiency in use of bibliographic management tools (RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley), content management systems (WordPress, LibGuides), online learning platforms (Sakai, Moodle, Blackboard), image editing applications (PicMonkey, canva, GIMP), web 2.0 applications (blogs, wikis, RSS, tagging), social networking/media management tools (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck), Microsoft/Libre Office/Google productivity software, ChemBioOffice, internet browsers and add-ons (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Proficient in use of dedoose (for qualitative data analysis), SPSS, SAS, ArcGIS, and R.